With its simple and clean design, La Table Kineti is the new jewel of technology for your home...

It is composed of the latest technologies. You can gather your friends or family around the table and enjoy applications together.

It will perfectly fit your living room

Obviously, use it as a regular coffee table and benefit from all its great advantages

Enjoy the magic of a single gesture to share all your table contents to your tv!

Play together on the table and have great fun!

New era, new uses: Control your home and connected devices with your revolutionary table.

and much much more to come...

See bigger for your tablet with La Table Kineti!

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  • Actamicro 01000 Bourg en Bresse
  • Crystal technology 74120 Megève
  • Digistore 1204 Genève
  • EasyLounge 06600 Antibes
  • Kineti Technologies 71000 Mâcon
  • Labo Si 75008 Paris
  • Publi'lift 92000 Nanterre
  • Solas France 39000 Lons le saunier
  • Sonica 13100 Le Tholonet
  • La Table at home
    Gather friends and family around the Table Kineti, jewel of technologies four your interior. As robust of your regular coffee table, it allows you to enjoy many applications and games.
  • La Table 2

    Together and at the same time, thanks to the multitouch and the screen plit of La Table Kineti, you can benefit from fewer applications and games

  • La Table 3

    You can watch movies, listen to music, surf the internet, make video conferencing, do word processing and image editing, control your other connected devices ... La Table knows no limit.

  • La Table 4
    Sharing has never been so easy!
    Transform your Tv in a connected screen and send pictures, videos, movies from the table to the TV with a single move.
Venez nous retrouver à la Foire de Paris du jeudi 27 avril au lundi 8 mai

Stand La Table Kineti à la Foire de Paris Hall 7.2 / Stand F029

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La Table Kineti : Prix de l’Innovation du public à la Foire de Paris

La Table Kineti a remporté le Prix de l’innovation du public parmi 24 produits et innovations présentés à la Foire de Paris.

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Kineti présent à la Foire de Paris

Foire de Paris

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  • Share from your tablet
    to the table
  • Share from your smartphone
    to the table
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About kineti

KINETI Technologies is an innovative company that holds international patents. It has developed a full range of touch furniture for professionals and individuals.

Kineti Technologies has created touch tables to allow people to gather and enjoy together all the possibilities of such great devices instead of being alone with their computers, smartphones and tablets...

Kineti Technologies is also specialized in escorting businesses in the digitalization process of their activities especially with touch furnitures like terminals, totems, counters and tables.

Discover our full range of devices and website for professionals: kineti-technologies.com

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